On piracy and excellence

Note: Like the one before it this post was originally submitted to Destructoid. It was the second and last of my entries to that website. Next week we resume the new and fresh blog posts.


Recently, I’ve been reading up on piracy, due to a sudden realization that I don’t seem to enjoy new games as much as I used to. Upon thinking on it, the most logical conclusion I came to was that, due to the fact that I used to pay for the games I play, I’d value them more thus play them more and take more enjoyment from them.

But was it really?

Looking back at the games I bought and played, I can see marks of GREAT games, even if not the entirety of the game is good (I’m looking at you Oblivion). Today, I’m not seeing that same thing in new games. Games that do have them, have other very WRONG things making them essentially bad (Assassin’s Creed 2 DRM, the Witcher over the shoulder camera). Then, there are the big company, big hype games that end up being a colossal let down (The Sims 3).

This makes me wonder: Are there any good PC games still out there that I enjoy?

One answer to this question is my monthly bill of World of Warcraft, a game that 5 years after release still holds strong, still holds entertainment.

“But”, you say, “WoW is an MMO, it’s constantly evolving and thus constantly fresh”. Well, that’s true. Ok then, another example, Sims 2. A game still going strong even after the release of its lackluster successor, The Sims 3.

But this blog isn’t to talk about what games are good and what games are not, though it is an essential part of the topic, piracy.

I do occasionally download games, I admit, but I do know that companies put a lot of work into them and great games deserve to be rewarded. That is why I bought Sims 2 and Oblivion and TRIED to buy AC2, the result of which was a very angry blog.

You see, for me, who am a college student with little to no income, shelling out hard saved 60€ for a game wasn’t easy. Not easy at all. But I was happy. I knew AC2 would be a great game, even if it was just copy + pasted from AC. I felt cheated when, coming home, it didn’t even work.

Then, of course, there are the games that are expensive and not even worth it. Price IS a huge factor in the illegalities here. I remember a time when games were 20€ to 40€, more easily affordable, and I used to buy them, even if they turned out not to be good. Now I can’t even afford the good games.

Many other people are in the same situation as me, if forums and articles are any indication, and developers keep asking themselves why, thinking that shiny new computer blowing graphics is all we want, no matter the price. Well, I’d much rather have games with lower graphics and tons of content than shiny eye-candy my computer can’t even run properly. It’s something to consider.


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